Top 5 best cooking games for Android

Google Play Store is full of great quality apps and games. Where there are thousands of fun and high-quality games, there are also thousands of games that are not worth the money, time, and space they may use on your device. While the best games usually appear at the top when you search for a game on the Google Play Store, sometimes low-quality games make it to the top using SEO techniques or some high-quality games never make it to the top and hence remained undiscovered by most of the world due to bad marketing. There for there are blogs like ours whose job is to try and play a large number of games and then select the best to form a curated list of games of different categories.

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Today we have gathered a list of the best cooking games for Android. While we offer a large number of cooking games online that girls love to play online on their PCs. These games are mostly made using flash, and since flash is not supported by mobile phones these days, all those users who love to play cooking games on their mobile phones online. For them, we have gathered today a list of Top 5 Cooking games for Android which they can download from the Google Play Store.

Top 5 Cooking Games For Android Phones

  1. Cooking Dash


Cooking Dash is a quite addictive cooking game for girls. In this game, you will be making different dishes for hungry and impatient customers. There are two modes in which the game can be played: Casual Mode and Time Mode.

In Casual mode, you have to cook dishes for your customers. You can play the game by tapping on the items found in the kitchen. To cook a meal, you have to tap on an ingredient and the tap on the frying pan to cook it. The meals take some  time to cook. A bar gauge will show you how much time it will take for the meal to cook. Once the bar gauge is full, you can serve the meal to customers who will be lining up at the counter. Be careful and not overcook the dish.

In time mode, you don’t have to cook your dish, all the dishes will have been cooked already by the chefs and displayed on the counter. You work at the counter taking the orders and serving the right food to the right customer. Since this is time mode, you have a time limit, so you have to act fast. The orders you serve within the time limit, the more points you earn.

Stand O’Food 3


Stand O’Food 3 is a really addictive cooking game for Android in which you will run your own hamburger stand.  In Stand O’Food 3 you will be working as a cook in a hamburger restaurant. The goal is to cook a burger and serve it to your loyal customers. The restaurant which you will be working in work more like a factory with all those conveyer belts carrying all the important ingredients to create those delicious hamburgers. Customers will select ingredients for their hamburgers, you have to tap and arrange those ingredients in proper order and serve them to the starving customers right away.  You better be quick as your customers are very hungry and they love hamburgers.


10 new Sara cooking class games added, Enjoy!

Here, at, strive to bring kids, especially girls quality and fun cooking games which not only entertain them but, also give them the education. We keep adding more and more games to our site so that little girls does not get bored. Every day they visit to play new cooking games, mastering new recipes to make delicious dishes.


Today we have added 10 more cooking games from Sara’s cooking class. If you have been playing our cooking games for a while you know what Sara’s cooking class is. If not, let me tell you. Sara cooking class is a series free to play cooking games, where a virtual chef Sara teaches little girls how to cook different mouth watering dishes. Sara is very famous among little girls who come play cooking games on our site.

In our newly added Sara cooking class games, you will learn how to cook chicken nuggets, make homemade strawberry ice cream,  Jam Roly poly, kebab, mince pies, moussaka, mushroom soup, paella, peach cobbler,  and peanut butter cookies. Enjoy our great new cooking games. Salute to the developers of these cooking games who gifted us with these fun Sara cooking class games.

We hope you will like and enjoy playing these amazing Sara’s cooking class games online. We will be adding more Sara cooking games, so keep checking the newest games section in the top section of our homepage. We have added a few new Barbie cooking games too so check them out. If you like these games, please let your friends know about it. So what are you waiting for, don’t you want to play some great Sara cooking games? follow the above link and start playing some cool cooking games online. Have a good day with your games online. Let’s have some fun this weekend.

Online Cooking Games for Girls

Online Cooking Games for Girls

Learning cooking is very beneficial and healthy activity. However, it is time consuming and expensive hobby. First you will search for a good recipe either in a cooking book or on internet. Then you will need ingredients and equipment for that particular recipe. Sometimes, the required ingredient or tool is not easily available in the market which makes your recipe incomplete. Also there is a possibility that your end result is not fit for eating. Now you have unused items with no clue how and where to use them. If you are young, then you need parental supervision for your cooking experiments. Online cooking games make your cooking experiments hassle free. Continue reading Online Cooking Games for Girls

Amazing Cooking Games for Girls

The popularity of online games is increased significantly during the past few years. Kids who have x-boxes or play stations also like to play online games. This is because these games provide kids ways to a variety of fun tasks like dressing up a Barbie, solving a puzzle, cooking food etc. These are all the activities which kids really enjoy and so, they keep on coming back to these games sites. Continue reading Amazing Cooking Games for Girls

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Cooking games are one of the most popular games among girls because they let them experiment with a lot of ingredients and make their favorite dishes. While teenagers are usually allowed to cook and bake if it interests them, small ones at are just not allowed even around a preheated oven. Cooking games are huge attractions for such kiddos who just love mixing different ingredients with sauces and cheese and cooking it over a stove or simply baking it. These virtual kitchens give kids a sense of freedom and self-confidence that they are not bad in kitchen. Continue reading What are Some Good Games for Kids?


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Just some time back, playing on play stations was the favorite fun activity for kids. But then, online games arrived and they changed the whole phenomenon. Now, we see kids sitting in front of their computers screens continuously for several hours. They are more into online games than in anything else. Kids love to find out new things and discover new challenges that these online games provide them. Cooking games for girls, Barbie games, painting games, puzzles, typing games and there are much more than that. Let’s have a look on games which are most popular among kids. Continue reading Most Popular Online Games